Moncler : Oddo BHF augmente son objectif de cours.

Oddo BHF, a leading European financial services firm, recently announced that it has increased its target price for luxury fashion brand Moncler from E63.3 to E65.2. This decision comes as a result of more favorable market conditions and a positive outlook for the company in the near future.

Despite raising its target price, Oddo BHF has maintained a neutral opinion on Moncler. The broker acknowledges that Moncler has performed well compared to other companies in the sector this year, but warns that the brand may struggle to sustain its growth for the remainder of the year. This caution is particularly relevant as Moncler’s sister brand, Stone Island, is currently undergoing a repositioning phase which could impact Moncler’s performance.

Moncler’s current trading position is also worth noting. The brand is currently trading at a 5% premium to the sector benchmark LVMH based on price-to-earnings (P/E) and enterprise value-to-earnings before interest and taxes (EV/EBIT) multiples. This premium suggests that investors have high expectations for Moncler’s future performance, which may put pressure on the company to deliver strong results.

Overall, Oddo BHF’s analysis of Moncler paints a mixed picture for the luxury fashion brand. While the company has shown resilience in the face of challenging market conditions, there are concerns about its ability to maintain its growth trajectory in the coming months. Investors will be watching closely to see how Moncler navigates these challenges and whether it can continue to outperform its peers in the competitive luxury fashion sector.

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What is the new target price set by Oddo BHF for Moncler?

The new target price set by Oddo BHF for Moncler is €56.

What is Oddo BHF’s opinion on Moncler?

As of my last update, Oddo BHF does not have a specific opinion or rating on Moncler. It is recommended to check their latest research reports or contact the firm directly for the most up-to-date information on their views regarding Moncler.

How has Moncler performed compared to others in the sector this year?

Moncler has performed relatively well compared to others in the sector this year. The company’s stock price has experienced some fluctuations, but overall it has remained relatively stable and has outperformed many of its competitors. Moncler has also continued to see strong sales and revenue growth, indicating that the company is in a strong position within the sector. Overall, Moncler’s performance this year has been positive compared to others in the sector.

What warning does Oddo BHF give about Moncler’s growth for the rest of the year?

Oddo BHF warns that Moncler’s growth for the rest of the year may be impacted by various factors such as economic uncertainty, changing consumer behavior, and potential supply chain disruptions.

How is Moncler currently trading compared to the sector benchmark LVMH?

As of the latest available data, Moncler is trading at a higher valuation compared to the sector benchmark LVMH. Moncler’s stock price has been outperforming LVMH in recent months, with strong demand for its luxury outerwear products driving up its share price. Investors are optimistic about Moncler’s growth prospects, particularly in the high-end fashion market, which has helped boost its valuation relative to LVMH. However, it’s important to note that stock prices can be volatile and subject to market fluctuations, so this comparison may change over time.

Personnes citées

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  • Oddo BHF: Une société de services financiers européenne de premier plan.
  • Moncler: Une marque de mode de luxe.
  • LVMH: Un groupe multinational français spécialisé dans les produits de luxe.
  • Stone Island: Une marque sœur de Moncler.

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